Design Services:

  • Fuel Tank Design, WMI
  • Landing Gear Design, WMI
  • Oil Tank Design, WMI
  • Tube and Duct Design, WMI
  • Weld Tooling and Fixture Design, WMI

Specialty Services:

  • Distribution Services and Logistics, EUR-PAC
  • Drilling Services:
  • Deep Hole Drilling, NTW
  • Gun Drilling, NTW
  • Trepanning, NTW
  • Hydraulic Testing and Assembly, NTW
  • Obsolescence Solutions, EUR-PAC
  • Specialty Packaging, EUR-PAC
  • Tube Bending, WMI

Welding Services:

  • GTAW Welding, WMI
  • Resistance Welding (Spot & Seam), WMI
  • TIG Welding, WMI

Image Gallery of Services