The Complex Machining Sector consists of Air Industries Machining and Nassau Tool Works.

Both subsidiaries produce critical machined components and assemblies fabricated from hard metals, such as Inconel, titanium and 300M. Their product lines also include intricate mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies.

  • Aircraft Structural Assemblies
  • Complex Milled Parts Up to 30 Feet Long
  • Electro-Mechanical Assemblies
  • Flight Critical Components
  • High-Strength / Exotic Material Machining

  • Complex Milled & Turned Components
  • Deep Hole Drilled Pistons
  • High-Strength / Exotic Material Machining
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Testing
  • Vertical Honed Cylinders

Combining the strengths of Air Industries Machining and Nassau Tool Works provides our customers with a comprehensive capability


  • Aircraft Axles
  • Aircraft Structural Assemblies
  • Bridge Fitting
  • Drag Brace Assemblies
  • Flight Controls
  • Flight Critical Assemblies
  • Landing Gear
  • Longerons
  • Mixer Assemblies
  • Piston Actuator Assemblies
  • Retract / Lock Fittings & Assemblies
  • Turbine Engine Mounts
  • Thrust Struts